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The volumes of Hyperbaric welding in offshore and marine applications have significantly increased over the recent years. This raises the demand for well-trained divers-welders,
which becomes a crucial factor for being able to keep leading positions in these industries.

Have you ever wondered how to become an underwater welder? What are the requirements to become an underwater welder?

We, at Novikontas Diving, would like to offer you a coded diver-welder course conducted at the Novikontas Diving training centre in the city of Riga, Latvia.


Diving Course

  • Duration: 2 weeks or 12 days
  • Price: 4000 EUR (including housing, breakfast & lunch)

Refresher Course

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: 1800 EUR
Course info

How long does it take to become an underwater welder? Our intensive 12-day course which consists of a series of practical and theoretical studies and assignments will lead up to an end-of-course examination and a welder qualification test.

Our instructors are experienced and certified professionals with many years of field experience.

The closely supervised training is designed to develop skills necessary to produce high-quality welds both above and below water.

Underwater welding creates a picture of a Shield Metal Arc welder working at depth. This is known as “wet welding.” The diver is wet, the repair is wet, the welding rod is wet. This is a very common method of underwater welding, and is what our training focuses on.

Successful graduates will hold an internationally recognized wet welding qualification certificate.

Training is provided at Novikontas facilities in Riga, Latvia which were specifically designed and built to suit the course.

What are the requirements to become an underwater welder? All participants need to have a valid Commercial Diving Certificate.




underwater welding trainer

Artis Eleksis

Co-Founder and instructor

Valentīns Rodins

Co-Founder and Instructor


Novikontas Diving is a private educational and training institution with the main goal to provide efficient and useful competence gaining and attitude development for those who work in the commercial diving industry or plan to start a carrier as a commercial diver (IMCA ISO AWS EN BS).

A diverse approach, state-of-the-art equipment, team of experienced personnel leads us to the place among significant players in training and education in World. We train and educate Commercial Divers in various manners such as competitions, lectures, articles, and own examples.

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